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Courtage en assurance

Insurance advices

As a result of the liberalisation and restructuring of the insurance market, insurance companies are offering a whole host of solutions which very often differ from each other. This wide range on offer makes it particularly difficult to choose the ideal company and product for you.

Because it is independent of insurance companies, E-Gestion is able to select, fairly and transparently, the service provider that is best suited to you.

As E-Gestion is not the “seller”, but rather acts as the “buyer” on its client's behalf, it can offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market in line with your needs.

Courtage en assurances
Courtage en assurances

Main aims

Keep up-to-date - Execute - Check - Defend - Advise

  • Keeps the client's insurance portfolio constantly updated
  • Executes administrative work such as :
    • Checking statements and returns of premiums following overpayments
    • Amending records of new and outgoing staff in respect of various insurance areas
    • Management and support in the event of claims
  • Defends the client's interests against the insurance companies
  • Keeps itself informed of new products on the market and informs the client of these

Injuries Management

When a disaster happened, it is important for a company or a private to be able to protect its assets. For a company it is the same to ensure the continuity and the sustainability of its activity.

One of the most important element for the management in that case is the reactivity. Once the case is in our hands, we will make every effort to act fast to figure out urgent measures.

In order to give support to its customer, E-Gestion suggests to assist them within the framework of the complete case management in particular the various steps and/or relations between the insurant, the hurt, the experts and the companies.

Flexibility, reactivity and skills make the profile of E-Gestion. Please click here for any contact.

Courtage en assurances