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Planification financière

Financial planning

E-Gestion researches, conceptualizes and presents to you - by means of easily accessible documents - plans and measures to help you use your financial resources in an optimal way so as to achieve your objectives, taking your personal, financial, economical, tax and legal situation into account.

Due to its structure E-Gestion can offer you a methodology which goes well beyond the usual financial analysis. Our independence and complete freedom of action towards financial service providers guaranties you the best product for your money, adapted to your personal situation.

It is important to note that the follow-up and the regular adjustments are also of utmost importance when you want to carry out a successful financial planning.

Planification financière
Planification financière

Main objectives

  • Substantial and lasting reduction of the tax burden
  • Elaboration of an optimal asset and investment structure from the point of view of security, profitability and liquidity.
  • Systematic increase and protection of the assets, year after year
  • Insurance analysis to prevent over and under-insuring in case of death or invalidity and to optimize your whole wealth protection schemes
  • Presentation of measures for early retirement
  • Planning of personal assets transfer

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