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An overview
a competence center

In the risks analysis, the financial planning, the foresight, the fiscal approach as well as the accounting of company, experience is a necessity.

These activities require an efficient control and ask for a perfect knowledge of the market.
E-Gestion is exclusively composed of trained and qualified people.

Domaines de compétence
Domaine de compétence

Advice for
Companies and Private

E-Gestion is a competence centre offering in-depth advice in a wide variety of areas, all of which have a direct effect on the life of a company :

This type of advice is commonly provided by persons with widely diverging interests or points of view. The strength of E-Gestion consists in having drawn together these competences into one group, thereby guaranteeing the client a service that is coherent, confidential and effective.

With E-Gestion, you talk to one dedicated person on all these matters.

Nos domaines d’expertise


Keep up to date - Execute - Check - Defend - Advise


Further to our customers’ requests, we developed since decade a rigorous concept of real estate investment.


E-Gestion seeks, develops and presents accessible plans and measures, allowing you to optimize your financial resources


E-Gestion proposes all the activities of a fiduciary as: Accounting, Revision, Tax system


As a competence center, E-Gestion proposes sharp advices in various domains which all concern closely the life of companies.


Sélection d'articles pour décrypter les tendances de l'économie suisse en 2019.


Sélection d'articles pour décrypter les tendances de l'économie suisse en 2019.

En 2018, l’économie suisse a profité d’un franc assez faible et d’une conjoncture économique mondiale vigoureuse. En ce début d’année 2019, les analystes se montrent plus prudents. L’issue incertaine des négociations entre l’UE et la Grande-Bretagne concernant le Brexit, les tensions commerciales entre la Chine et les Etats-Unis, ainsi que les actions imprévisibles du gouvernement italien rendent la conjoncture mondiale fragile. D'un autre côté, le marché de l'emploi se porte bien. Tour d’horizon des meilleurs articles de presse récemment parus pour décrypter l'actualité économique suisse.

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